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How much time you have to spend upside down while breastfeeding? March 27, 2012

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The answer is: not much, if any…
Here is a passionate advocate for breastfeeding, who initiated some discussion about the value of handstands and about the yoga “ treatment “ that helped her deal with her persistent problems. Even though this picture was removed from her Facebook, the discussion is widely open and as a new mom she shared her personal view (and the nude image of her body) worldwide: “I am a passionate advocate for breastfeeding. I don’t believe it should be hidden away, in a separate room, in the public toilets or under a cloth (because I can’t wrangle a cloth while I’m trying to breastfeed – it gets too complicated – props to those who can manage it – I just can’t). Whether you choose to, can or can’t breast feed, it’s a natural, every day, sometimes mundane, sometimes beautiful part of life” (Lexi Kentmann). (more…)