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Risky girl tests corporate business ethics. June 10, 2012

Posted by SY.

Answer to one of my publishers and all of my readers:

Someone said:” Where is your smile in this writing, don’t you want to be less serious?”
By this writing I did not mean to entertain anyone, or claim a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, or preach about how to write an extraordinary article or poetry; neither did I mean to increase any website’s traffic by putting F* or B* words in my article. All I wanted to say is that serious matters require serious consideration and some real strength in your judgment. But if my article is contrary to your rules and if you dislike my writing style, know that my writing style is always improving and growing.
Because writing is just like music – it will never stop, and it might take a life time for all of us to clearly hear our own voices without any fear or confusion.


Brief Description:
The article is about the “risky girl” and how her noxious  attitudes permeate the fitness facilities she works in. Fitness facilities are not often viewed as havens of employee negligence, because they lack traditional corporate structure, and are not generally overseen by human resource departments capable of enforcing work place policies. In the midst of this lax environment, characters such as the one I discuss in the article have created an unsafe atmosphere for children, mothers, veterans, and all other demographic groups that attend these facilities for self-improvement and exercise.
The author discusses a topic that most fitness employees are afraid to bring up themselves. They fear backlash in the workplace from the very co-workers who are creating these hostile work environments, and do not realize that some of the situations they are being placed in may be against the law.

PS. This article is about to be published in an international Magazine, in English and foreign languages for its readers in the USA, London, Germany, Russia and other countries. Please look for my updates.



Giving Birth at 42 March 1, 2012

Posted by SY.

It was very exciting news during a recent New York Fashion Show, where Uma Thurman appeared in public wearing colorful but  suspiciously loose clothing, and posed for photographers while carefully covering her tummy with her arms. Oscar nominated actress Uma Thurman, a mother of two, despite her age (born April 29, 1970) is preparing to give birth again. The publication Life & Style reports that Uma is pregnant with her third child! Isn’t that really beautiful? Such a courageous woman!

This will be the first-born of her boyfriend and longtime fiancé, a wealthy financier Arpad Busson. Uma is due in late summer and so far the name of her child as well as her child’s future religious affiliation is unknown. Uma’s father gave her a Buddhist’ upbringing and Uma is named after DbUma Chenpo. How this fact will influence the future of Uma’s third child is also not released to the media.

Thurman already has two children from her first husband Ethan Hawke: 13-year-old daughter Maya and 10-year-old son Livonia. Despite being 41, she ventured to have a third child. What keeps her going? (more…)