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My Jazz Gems Box Collection May 24, 2013

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As we all know, music is a very important part of our life. We listen to music to reflect on our emotions, we meditate with music to calm our thoughts, we exercise with music to increase our heart beat, we improvise to dig into the creative source of human nature, we perform to showcase our talents and share our soul. Here we continue our introductory series reporting news about jazz life in NYC. We present significant jazz musicians in the past and in the present and share about many ongoing Jazz performances that could light up your weekends and enrich your life.

In the Celebration of Miles Davis’ Birthday, a famous American jazz musician, a trumpeter and composer (May 26, 1926 – September 28, 1991) many Jazz clubs and Music halls will offer concerts, lectures , including the Miles Davis 2013 Jazz Festival at the famous NYC’ “Smoke Jazz and Supper Club”.

Miles’ musical studies began at 13, when his father gave him a trumpet and arranged lessons with local musician Elwood Buchanan. Against the fashion of the time, Buchanan stressed the importance of playing without vibrato; Davis would carry his clear signature tone throughout his career. He once remarked on its importance to him, saying, “I prefer a round sound with no attitude in it, like a round voice with not too much tremolo and not too much bass. Just right in the middle. If I can’t get that sound I can’t play anything.”

“Miles Davis’ fortieth album ‘ Kind of Blue” released in 1959 and this masterpiece not only changed Jazz by using a newly crafted Modal type, it changed music forever, everything about the album was revolutionary and artists today still remark it as a major influence on their music.
The album was placed at number 12 on Rolling Stone Magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Albums Of All Time.”

“Kind of Blue isn’t merely an artistic highlight for Miles Davis, it’s an album that towers above its peers, a record generally considered as the definitive jazz album, a universally acknowledged standard of excellence. Why does Kind of Blue possess such a mystique? Perhaps, because this music never flaunts its genius… It’s the pinnacle of modal jazz — tonality and solos build from the overall key, not chord changes, giving the music a subtly shifting quality.
It may be a stretch to say that if you don’t like Kind of Blue, you don’t like jazz — but it’s hard to imagine it as anything other than a cornerstone of any jazz collection.”
—Stephen T. Erlewine

The Miles Davis’ 2013 Jazz Festival starts on May 24 and it lasts until June 30th. So, ladies and jentlemen, make some time to enjoy listening to these splendid talents, engage in the delightful conversation and taste a cup of your favorite tea or coffee.