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“Kings of Dance” in New York February 28, 2012

Posted by Elena Shlychkov.

The current Spring season is overwhelmed with a plethora of breathtaking performances that range from dance on stage to “ dance on-screen” versions.  It is very exciting to see how ballet and dance continues to push its way into popular culture. In a program produced by Sergei Danilian, the creative director of “The Kings of Dance”, and performed at the New York City  Center, on Saturday, February 25th , dancers impressed  New Yorkers with their magnetism, highly ranked professionalism and artistic charisma.

Phenomenal choreography, a brilliant cast and a talented music arrangement brought the vision of the human body into a different dimension. A Kaleidoscope of stunning postures varied from expressive tension to immediate, feather like softness, from unpredictable body and arm twists to clear and pure classical graciousness which balanced the dynamic of the choreographer’s improvisational style. (more…)