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Zen Meditation and Pranayama December 12, 2011

yoga2Skull Shining Breath or Yoga for Well-Being

Posted by SY, December 31, 2012

 kapala = skull
 bhati = light (implying perception, knowledge)


To rephrase the famous title of the song -“What is Love?” we might ask a similar rhetorical question- “What is Yoga”?  Why is yoga for many current yoga instructors and some commentators just a way to release their own tension and burden their own shortcomings on other people’s shoulders? Why do we meet on the Yoga Stage so many aggressive ‘clowns’ and non- peaceful warriors? (Or should we say worriers?)


As B.K.S. Iyengar wrote in his book “Light On Life”- “I set off in yoga seventy years ago when ridicule, rejection, and outright condemnation were the lot of a seeker through yoga even in its native land of India .” As we can see with our own eyes, until now Yoga in the US has not been fully accepted as an Art and Science. It assumed a sort of a comic book image, of some vague discipline that may or may not be represented with integrity or well minded intentions.

Going back to its origins and during our yoga practice we would like to follow some different and true gurus including B.K.S. Iyengar who taught about the right take on Yoga, Breathing and on true and non-harmful Liberation though Yoga.

As B.K.S. Iyengar taught us -one of the most important concepts of yoga is breathing. Unfortunately, contrary to his teaching, breathing exercises are fully or partly eliminated from the majority of yoga classes that are run by yoga teachers or some random yoga “teacher substitutes”. True followers of the Art and Science of Yoga agree that breathing cleanses toxins from the system. In addition, proper breathing allows for the transfer of good energy throughout the body, and it is a means to control the connection between the body and mind. Breathing exercises are a good way to start your daily yoga practice or start your day and gain some true positivity early in the morning.

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Warning: if you constantly feel some emotional pressure or anger, a need to downgrade, or control anyone, you might be suffering from severe anxiety. It is always important to confirm with your physician before you start practicing yoga. In the mean time- grab your pillow, sit in a comfortable place and help yourself, here in New York City, or on the welcoming shore of the NJ beach, or there, on the incredible scenes of the Costa Rican’ tantric nirvana.

In case you forgot what true yoga means – the reading (rereading) of B.K.S books is strongly recommended.


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