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In Your Own Voice May 3, 2013

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“Because the Internet is a Medium, it doesn’t care whether it transmits love or hate. It is what you build….We can build things that diminish    humanity or build things that bring us to human flourishing”. Caterina Fake.


What things do you build?


Here And Now March 11, 2013

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Stepping outside of your comfort zone, meeting with inspiring and talented people from different backgrounds, and planning a variety of new endeavors can create chaos, but it can also transform your existence and take you into a different dimension that is enriching for the diverse nature that you and others around you own. New York City is known for its cultural diversity, so I started to believe that this diverse essence of the big city and my survival harmonize regardless of the negative forces that are also a part of the big city.

I recently noticed that diversity has become more prized in our everyday lives. For instance, the treadmill machines at Equinox Fitness Club , NYC can ‘speak’ a different language, which shows that some trainers, members and their staff are admiring “otherness”. Exclusiveness is written in the stones and I found the appreciation of the human ethics very attractive and cutting edge in the era of Global mobility. Nowadays, people are migrating, living, working and purchasing property in different countries with greater ease. Equinox reflects the new era and the challenge that it brings just like some leading corporations do. Ethical businesses include members and families regardless of their nationalities, sex orientation, or cultural heritage.

Diversity, women’s leadership, the freedom of humanity vs. freedom of hate and cyber bullying are important topics for an ongoing Global communication.This communication includes upcoming debates in London and in the USA led by Madeleine Albright, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, Deepak & Sanjiv Chopra, the head of the Anti-Defamation league Abe Foxman and the recent 2013 Film Festivals held at the Barnard College and at the Tish School of Arts.

I joined both Festivals because I believe that perpetual dominance of one kind over the other, abnormal egocentrism and hate are ugly, regardless of the cover-ups.I joined in to meet some inspiring female and male producers, writers and singers seeking a communication with like-minded folks and I would not regret the positive influence! Isolation is deadly for survival, communication is everything, and here is a little tip, points that caught my attention and occupied my thoughts:
Film Festivals 2013
Can Music save your heart in this rough and controversial real world and how can music redirect its negative force into better channels? What does it take to make your first music recording? I felt shocked, fearful, intrigued and more. Is this because I was born this way? –“Let the Music Begin” – suggested one of the music producers while he shared about his studio, diverse staff and about some stunning Production Houses during the Festival’s Round Table. Thrilled! My first recording sessions are booked, the rest does not matter!

reccording studio

What is Positive Humor? -Liza Donnelly cartoonist for New Yorker and the speaker at the Festival has travelled the world, and she knows what diversity and survival really mean. “When Do They Serve The Wine?: The Folly, Flexibility and Fun of being a Woman” Hilarious! I guess I do not have to worry about my weekends, at least until me and my handsome boyfriend/caring man in his 40s will finish some reading. So much Joy!! Laughing our asses off…!

funny ladies 1

What is Dance? Dance & the Internet– “The Window Sex Project’– I would not narrow the topic of harassment to “man or boys insulting a woman”, but it is fascinating that in their project a diverse group of women didn’t talk back to insult men in return, neither did they provoke or enjoy some violent manifestation of their feminine powers at the price of compromising the dignity of others.

Instead, they showed their guts in creating a “language” that is both strong but smart, when their Dance becomes the weapon for better communication between women and men instead of being a weapon that is against understanding. I wondered if they would include men in their next production. Would they express their feminine and masculine powers, the clashes of their egos and prides without going into total war against each other? Most likely not – it might be too injurious or even deadly. But my expectations are solely based on the screening, and not on any sufficient communication or real interaction with the members of this group.

Receptions & Food- What can better say on the “diversity issue “if not your food choice? Pickles (my native recipe) are good for digestion! I can digest pretty much everything now, from coco –banana blend, to cold beer, to fat beef or dry chicken, to God knows what else, you name it…


We all make our own choices. Our true supporters do not betray or insult us. Our words and thoughts express our own identity and it is useless to try ‘to inject’ our preferences or compassion like a vitamin. But what can we do then if we are taking the side with the diverse crowd that strives for humanity?

Here: from time to time when I stretch in my Yoga pose, take my Kettle Bell class, run my favorite treadmills, cycle on my bike , put on my red boxing gloves, teach my workshops -I continue meditating on the preciousness of human life. I resist nobody but the hate and the ugliness of impulses, regardless of nationality, religion, status, age, sexual orientation or cultural background.


Mikhail Baryshnikov-Dance This Way January 14, 2013

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The dancer-photographer tells about the value of yoga and fitness, about his new books on photography and he discusses his passion towards portraying the best moments in global modern dance.

Mr. Baryshnikov left the Soviet Union in 1974, and since then he has lived mostly in the United States. He is famous for contributing and working for the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre, where he also served as an artistic director between 1980 and 1989. Since its creation the Baryshnikov Dance Foundation has been a major promoter and incubator of modern dance.

For many years Mikhail Baryshnikov has magnetized audiences with his dancing. At the same time, his creative journey have taken him well beyond the world of ballet—into sophisticated social circles, international ad campaigns and a stunning assortment of film, theater and television roles. His passion for music derives from his family heritage and he can surprise you by playing his favorite Frank Sinatra songs on his Grand Steinway or by dancing to the tunes of this legendary jazz guru.

M. Baryshnikov believes that Yoga brings lightness as opposed to darkness and that yoga and gym exercise are important for everyday wellbeing:

“I do dance class every day, but now I’ve also started to do yoga and gym, just to get my muscle tone and especially my torso a bit more in tune. I feel lighter. I don’t drink milk, and I don’t eat bread, pasta or rice. But I eat a lot of meat, chicken, fish and salads.
”We would not ask Mr. Baryshnikov what kind of Yoga he practices because we assume that his “fitness/yoga program” might be as kickass and unique as his own personality.


Recently, Mr. Baryshnikov has put more of his talent and creative energy into photography, which has resulted in his solo exhibition “Dance This Way,” and a few books. For the first time, he displayed a solo exhibition of photographs of dancers from around the world, in Miami’s Gary Nader Art Centre in 2012.

You might be inquiring about what would drive such an accomplished dancer, a movie star, an administrator and choreographer to try to become a serious photographer?

“Interesting question,” said Mikhail in one of his interviews,  “Quatrième Jeunesse (a fourth youth)? To reassure myself that I’m still interested in dance? When I’m photographing this, I’m falling in love again with the dance.”

Well , good luck and  Happy Birthday to you.


Risky girl tests corporate business ethics. June 10, 2012

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Answer to one of my publishers and all of my readers:

Someone said:” Where is your smile in this writing, don’t you want to be less serious?”
By this writing I did not mean to entertain anyone, or claim a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, or preach about how to write an extraordinary article or poetry; neither did I mean to increase any website’s traffic by putting F* or B* words in my article. All I wanted to say is that serious matters require serious consideration and some real strength in your judgment. But if my article is contrary to your rules and if you dislike my writing style, know that my writing style is always improving and growing.
Because writing is just like music – it will never stop, and it might take a life time for all of us to clearly hear our own voices without any fear or confusion.


Brief Description:
The article is about the “risky girl” and how her noxious  attitudes permeate the fitness facilities she works in. Fitness facilities are not often viewed as havens of employee negligence, because they lack traditional corporate structure, and are not generally overseen by human resource departments capable of enforcing work place policies. In the midst of this lax environment, characters such as the one I discuss in the article have created an unsafe atmosphere for children, mothers, veterans, and all other demographic groups that attend these facilities for self-improvement and exercise.
The author discusses a topic that most fitness employees are afraid to bring up themselves. They fear backlash in the workplace from the very co-workers who are creating these hostile work environments, and do not realize that some of the situations they are being placed in may be against the law.

PS. This article is about to be published in an international Magazine, in English and foreign languages for its readers in the USA, London, Germany, Russia and other countries. Please look for my updates.



Yoga and Meditation, Part 1. Prevent Injury. Part 2. Cultivate Compassion December 16, 2011

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Yoga can be beautiful and beneficial unless your yoga “teacher” did not bother to tell you about the importance of postural alignment and did not warn you about how yoga can damage your body and your mind.  The lack of proper instruction during your yoga practice can contribute to injury and it can lead you in the wrong direction. Below are some basic tips on how to structure your daily yoga practice so that you can avoid damage and find joy in practicing yoga.

The first organizing principle underlying human movement and postures is our existence in a gravitational field”-  (H.D.  Coulter). Therefore, it is useful to keep recalling how the force of gravity dominates our daily yoga practices.  D. Coulter teaches that every movement we make is influenced by the gravitational field, and that we have to pay attention to our musculoskeletal system and its “mechanisms” that make movements and postures possible. “The musculoskeletal system does more than move the body; it also serves as a movable container for the internal organs. Just as a robot houses and protects its hidden supporting elements (power plant, integrated circuits, programmable computers, self-repairing components and enough fuel to function for a reasonable length of time) so does the musculoskeletal system house and protect the delicate internal organs.”- (H. D. Coulter “Anatomy of Hatha Yoga”).