Skyscraper Yoga

Yoga For Busy People and Families

About December 12, 2011

Skyscraper Yoga – Yoga for Busy People and Families

As a part of a global community we want to share our common vision and make sure that daily exercise,  music , balanced nutrition, creativity and humane humor are as valuable as science, macro/micro economics or politics. We study Yoga and Meditation as a path to self-realization, a path to better health and better relationships. If we could learn how to connect and share our hearts, we can protect this fragile world from violence and prejudice and fulfill it with compassion, love and beauty.

Contributor @ Elephant Journal (articles) &  NY Parenting (articles)

Other Blogs, Links that we like:

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The New Yorker


If you want to contact us please send us your questions to:

Or go to the contact page and send us your ideas or articles. We take submissions!

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