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“ABC” -Factor, or How Yoga & Music go hand to hand in my Music and Yoga Workshops June 14, 2013

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By Lena Green.

ABC factor _ voice warm up.

Holding auditions for my new cast is fun! I’ve got a group of very bright and super artistic members who will perform in our upcoming Musical. They are not newbies in music and they are eager to sing, act and go on stage tomorrow! But I realized that I needed to create a special voice warm up session in order to bring all these smiling stars, their emotions and inspiration into ‘working’ mode so that we could start talking more about the “music in us” rather than talking about “us in music”.

Following one of Constantin Stanislavski’s sayings “Love the Art in yourself and not yourself in the Art.”, my stars started working on their voices and liking their voices without shouting or elbowing their neighbors so that their voices might own a soothing quality that we can only imagine.

But how can yoga help?
Breathing exercises and vocal stretching on vowels that are similar to those in “Om – Mani – Padme – Hum” create what we call Unity Consciousness.
After about 7-10 minutes of warm up practice my cast realized that they had learned a new skills, they learned how to enjoy themselves while enjoying others. “When is our next rehearsal? Let’s do it several times a week!”- shouted one of the singers.

Obviously, my little stars do not want to flee from or hurt this theater, and that just confirmed another one of Stanislavsky’s quotes: “Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it.”
Sure, after my well-deserved weekend I will get back to work. Next week, I will meet my stars again for some “Yellow Submarine warm up exercises”- which has a lot of smart vowels and heartfelt chord progressions.

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Lena ( Green)- In addition to teaching and performing, she is a media contributor, publisher and an editor for her newspaper “Perfect Pitch Media”. In this newspaper and in her blogs she discusses music, fashion, zen, health, female leadership, ethical peoplehood & soft humor. Her Master’s degrees in Music and in Education and her BA in Enterprise Business Management led to extensive working experience from consulting at the World Bank to teaching at NYC Private Schools and performing on stage. Lena has traveled around the world and she now resides in New York City, thrilled by the new possibilities and perspectives that this marvelous city has to offer.

Follow her on Twitter and read the weekly Newspaper “Perfect Pitch Media”


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