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Here And Now March 11, 2013

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Stepping outside of your comfort zone, meeting with inspiring and talented people from different backgrounds, and planning a variety of new endeavors can create chaos, but it can also transform your existence and take you into a different dimension that is enriching for the diverse nature that you and others around you own. New York City is known for its cultural diversity, so I started to believe that this diverse essence of the big city and my survival harmonize regardless of the negative forces that are also a part of the big city.

I recently noticed that diversity has become more prized in our everyday lives. For instance, the treadmill machines at Equinox Fitness Club , NYC can ‘speak’ a different language, which shows that some trainers, members and their staff are admiring “otherness”. Exclusiveness is written in the stones and I found the appreciation of the human ethics very attractive and cutting edge in the era of Global mobility. Nowadays, people are migrating, living, working and purchasing property in different countries with greater ease. Equinox reflects the new era and the challenge that it brings just like some leading corporations do. Ethical businesses include members and families regardless of their nationalities, sex orientation, or cultural heritage.

Diversity, women’s leadership, the freedom of humanity vs. freedom of hate and cyber bullying are important topics for an ongoing Global communication.This communication includes upcoming debates in London and in the USA led by Madeleine Albright, Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, Deepak & Sanjiv Chopra, the head of the Anti-Defamation league Abe Foxman and the recent 2013 Film Festivals held at the Barnard College and at the Tish School of Arts.

I joined both Festivals because I believe that perpetual dominance of one kind over the other, abnormal egocentrism and hate are ugly, regardless of the cover-ups.I joined in to meet some inspiring female and male producers, writers and singers seeking a communication with like-minded folks and I would not regret the positive influence! Isolation is deadly for survival, communication is everything, and here is a little tip, points that caught my attention and occupied my thoughts:
Film Festivals 2013
Can Music save your heart in this rough and controversial real world and how can music redirect its negative force into better channels? What does it take to make your first music recording? I felt shocked, fearful, intrigued and more. Is this because I was born this way? –“Let the Music Begin” – suggested one of the music producers while he shared about his studio, diverse staff and about some stunning Production Houses during the Festival’s Round Table. Thrilled! My first recording sessions are booked, the rest does not matter!

reccording studio

What is Positive Humor? -Liza Donnelly cartoonist for New Yorker and the speaker at the Festival has travelled the world, and she knows what diversity and survival really mean. “When Do They Serve The Wine?: The Folly, Flexibility and Fun of being a Woman” Hilarious! I guess I do not have to worry about my weekends, at least until me and my handsome boyfriend/caring man in his 40s will finish some reading. So much Joy!! Laughing our asses off…!

funny ladies 1

What is Dance? Dance & the Internet– “The Window Sex Project’– I would not narrow the topic of harassment to “man or boys insulting a woman”, but it is fascinating that in their project a diverse group of women didn’t talk back to insult men in return, neither did they provoke or enjoy some violent manifestation of their feminine powers at the price of compromising the dignity of others.

Instead, they showed their guts in creating a “language” that is both strong but smart, when their Dance becomes the weapon for better communication between women and men instead of being a weapon that is against understanding. I wondered if they would include men in their next production. Would they express their feminine and masculine powers, the clashes of their egos and prides without going into total war against each other? Most likely not – it might be too injurious or even deadly. But my expectations are solely based on the screening, and not on any sufficient communication or real interaction with the members of this group.

Receptions & Food- What can better say on the “diversity issue “if not your food choice? Pickles (my native recipe) are good for digestion! I can digest pretty much everything now, from coco –banana blend, to cold beer, to fat beef or dry chicken, to God knows what else, you name it…


We all make our own choices. Our true supporters do not betray or insult us. Our words and thoughts express our own identity and it is useless to try ‘to inject’ our preferences or compassion like a vitamin. But what can we do then if we are taking the side with the diverse crowd that strives for humanity?

Here: from time to time when I stretch in my Yoga pose, take my Kettle Bell class, run my favorite treadmills, cycle on my bike , put on my red boxing gloves, teach my workshops -I continue meditating on the preciousness of human life. I resist nobody but the hate and the ugliness of impulses, regardless of nationality, religion, status, age, sexual orientation or cultural background.