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How much time you have to spend upside down while breastfeeding? March 27, 2012

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The answer is: not much, if any…
Here is a passionate advocate for breastfeeding, who initiated some discussion about the value of handstands and about the yoga “ treatment “ that helped her deal with her persistent problems. Even though this picture was removed from her Facebook, the discussion is widely open and as a new mom she shared her personal view (and the nude image of her body) worldwide: “I am a passionate advocate for breastfeeding. I don’t believe it should be hidden away, in a separate room, in the public toilets or under a cloth (because I can’t wrangle a cloth while I’m trying to breastfeed – it gets too complicated – props to those who can manage it – I just can’t). Whether you choose to, can or can’t breast feed, it’s a natural, every day, sometimes mundane, sometimes beautiful part of life” (Lexi Kentmann).

Although we support women breastfeeding in a fashion that is more suitable for them and their baby’s needs, the hand standing /multitasking /breastfeeding mother looks quite silly: “No hugs for you my dear baby, no touching, no kisses, no pleasant singing today-I am busy, don’t you see?”

We understand that breastfeeding is a mother’s choice and the yoga training that she decided to undergo to treat her sickness is her private choice as well.
But seriously? Why don’t we eat our favorite coffee cakes, hang with our friends or watch movies in the cinema while standing on our heads?

Dear Yoga loving moms, the “one size fits all” way of thinking does not work when people are trying to get smarter. There are plenty of classes and yoga training available for moms and babies that will not require you or your babies to stay on your heads.
Ladies, please consult your doctor and your yoga instructor before you apply!

In the meantime try our favorite yogurt/coconut/apricot parfait for breakfast. It will definitely increase the level of calcium, improve your digestion, metabolism and circulation just as much as any headstand.

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