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Yoga and Meditation, Part II, Refresh your vision. March 11, 2012

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It is not a secret that many people joined the yoga community to get rid of their physical, mental or emotional shortcomings and develop better stability and even better credibility within the yoga world. There is no harm in pursuing this path unless you want to prosper by destroying others.

A Few Tips on Daily Yoga Practice and Yoga Etiquette that will create calmness and free you from stress

1. Find time to practice yoga or any type of physical exercise daily. Do not forget to be creative, listen to music, or dance to the words of your favorite song.
2. Introduce yoga or fitness to your best friends, family and coworkers so that you can create a community of like-minded people.
3. Read good, quality books on alignment, anatomy, and proper food and diet choices for you and your significant people. (Feel free to read any books on yoga or scoliosis, but it will not bring your any mental clarity or improve your physical wellbeing and emotional stability until you will align your psyche to the universal principle of compassion and welcome some yoga “theory “ that is suitable for your personal needs). What books you choose to read is your individual choice; therefore do not rely on screaming “experts” and dominative yoga assistants with their questionable opinions.
4. Practice, Practice and Practice.
5. What should you do when you have sisters, brothers, nephews or cousins around your house while you are practicing your asana? Invite them to join your Sun Salutation and teach them some healthy poses rooted in proper body alignment and joy.

Lion’s Breath
• Keeps tonsils and throat healthy
• Builds a strong voice
• Gives confidence in speaking and singing
• Relieves tension
• Kneel on the floor and sit back on your heels
• Place your hands on your thighs
• Inhale through your nose
• As you exhale, open your mouth as wide as you can, stick out your tongue and let out a long, fierce roar, “aaaaggghhhh.”
• Be careful not to strain your voice
• Repeat 3-4 times

Flying Butterfly (Little and Big Butterfly)


  • Stretches hips and knees
  • Increases circulation to hips and legs
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Stretches hamstrings (big butterfly)


  • Start seated
  • Bring the soles of your feet together, bringing your      feet in close towards your body
  • Hold onto your feet with both hands
  • Begin moving your knees up and down, like a butterfly  flapping its wings
  • Imagine yourself as a butterfly, flying in the air –  think about what color you are and what you see below you

Here are some more samples on how  proper body alignment, basic ballet techniques and creativity can bring beauty to the world.

If your niece does not want to practice yoga at the moment but is wondering about what she will wear at a dance competition – introduce a creative project that might spark her imagination and bring even more joy into your daily life. Wearing the same shirt several times a month could be like reading the same article or listening to gossip over and over again. It gets boring and dull. Here is a twist of Couture (or Diane von Furstenberg) at the convenience of your home, so refresh your vision, and replace dullness with golden brightness and enjoyment.

Metallic-collar-button-up is the perfect way to shake things up in your existing closet.

How to: Metallic Collar Button Up
You will need:
Button up shirt
2 ft x 6 inches gold (or color of your liking) fabric
Fabric glue
Paint brush
1. Unbutton your collared shirt and lay it flat on top of your gold fabric.

2. Laying about an 1.5 inches from the edge, loosely trace around the collar.

3. Cut the gold fabric that will be used as your collar.

4. Use a paint brush to evenly distribute the glue onto the side of your collar that will be visible when worn.

5. Place your fabric onto the collar and press it to make sure the fabric is not bumpy. Let dry for 10 minutes.

6. Flip your shirt and repeat step 4 and 5 to the opposite side of the collar.

7. Apply glue to the ends of your gold fabric at the collar’s tips. Fold back and let dry.

8. Wear it well!

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