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Все Могут Короли February 29, 2012

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Posted by Elena Shlychkov.

Photo: Sergei Myskin

Нынешний сезон переполнен  множеством захватывающих спектаклей, которые варьируются от танцев на сцене до “танцев на экране”. Очень интересно наблюдать как танец продолжает прокладывать свой путь в поп-культуру. В программе, подготовленной Сергеем Даниляном, директором “Короли Танца”, и прошедшей в нью-йоркском City Center, в субботу, 25 февраля, танцоры впечатлили жителей Нью-Йорка своим магнетизмом,  профессионализмом  и художественной харизмой.

Феноменальная хореографии,блестящий актерский состав и талантливая музыка перенесли видение человеческого тела в другое измерение. Калейдоскоп потрясающих поз варьировался от выразительной напряженности до  мягкости, от непредсказуемых поворотов тела и рук до ясных  и чистых классический поз которые балансировали динамику импровизационного стиля хореографа.

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“Kings of Dance” in New York February 28, 2012

Posted by Elena Shlychkov.

The current Spring season is overwhelmed with a plethora of breathtaking performances that range from dance on stage to “ dance on-screen” versions.  It is very exciting to see how ballet and dance continues to push its way into popular culture. In a program produced by Sergei Danilian, the creative director of “The Kings of Dance”, and performed at the New York City  Center, on Saturday, February 25th , dancers impressed  New Yorkers with their magnetism, highly ranked professionalism and artistic charisma.

Phenomenal choreography, a brilliant cast and a talented music arrangement brought the vision of the human body into a different dimension. A Kaleidoscope of stunning postures varied from expressive tension to immediate, feather like softness, from unpredictable body and arm twists to clear and pure classical graciousness which balanced the dynamic of the choreographer’s improvisational style. (more…)


In Alignment with Good Voices, Part 1 February 25, 2012

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By Elena Shlychkov M.F.A /M.Ed

Many of us are aware that proper alignment and sufficient instructions are crucial elements and inevitable signs of professionalism in yoga and fitness. We would like to continue our discussion about this topic. Leaving aside the discussion regarding the recent Anusara conflict, we want to contribute our voices to the topic of the importance of alignment in daily practices. Since we do not want to “throw out the baby with the bath water” we will focus on the positive side of the method that was developed by John Friend and other influential and visionary teachers.

Here you can read my interview with an Anusara affiliated teacher Mary Barnes, who shared with me about her practical experience and her incitement. Mary Barnes is a New York based yoga teacher well-known for her Barnes Method of Yoga for Two, which includes pre-natal yoga and postpartum yoga.

E.S. Mary what do you think of the recent Anusara conflict and the debates within the Anusara community?

M.B: I strongly believe that it is not possible to leave Anusara, drop out of it or “resign “since yoga method and the business of yoga are two separate things. I believe that teachers who resigned from Anusara yoga will continue using the principles that John Friend has developed.

E.S. Have you met John Friend and if you did what was your impression about the meeting?

M.B: I met John Friend in 1999 when I took my first class with him. I immediately realized that his Five Universal Principles of Alignment were well structured, well-articulated and easy to comprehend. I taught yoga for several years before I met John but the impression and the results from my first lesson with him were extremely strong. I realized that he was the teacher that I had looked for. I felt that I wanted to learn from him and follow his workshops and classes regardless of the place or any other obstacles. (more…)


The Lotus Flower and the Power of Roots. February 16, 2012

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Posted bt SY.
The lotus which grows in the muddy water of still ponds and lakes has been described over the centuries as a symbol of purity, enlightenment and divine birth. This magnificent blossom unfolds gradually, one petal at a time. As the flower awakens and starts blooming at the first rays of the morning sun, the interdependence between the lotus and the sun is a symbol of life.
In China the lotus flower represents creative power and purity in adverse surroundings. Chinese poets use lotus flowers to inspire people to continue moving through difficulties and to present their best part to the outside world, regardless of how bad the circumstances could be. In Buddhism the lotus flower symbolizes faithfulness. The golden lotus that is often mentioned in Buddhist sutras has several meanings including being a symbol for the achievement of enlightenment. In Hinduism the divine consciousness is the ultimate symbol that the lotus stands for.
Browsing through the local stores I discovered that in addition to symbolism and the beauty of the flower, every part of the lotus plant – seeds, leaves, and flowers as well as the roots – have long been respected in the East and now in the West for their medicinal and nutritional properties. For instance Lotus roots are an excellent source of vitamin C: 100 g provides 44 mg or 73% of daily recommended values. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and it is required for the collagen synthesis in the body. Unlike in the West, Eastern and Hindu traditions make no distinction between food and medicine. According to the Eastern and Hindu tradition, food and medicine are from the same (Mother Earth) sources. In Eastern and Hindu cultures respect for the healing properties of food is integrated into the fabric of everyday cuisine.