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Compassion vs. Daily Dilemmas January 13, 2012

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During a time of economic troubles almost everyone is at risk of some sort and is in need of our support and assistance. Everyone is dealing with controversial dilemmas especially our majority – middle age folks. It is hard to admit that after “4 years of college and plenty of knowledge”, after all those years you spent getting your diplomas and degrees at the University, you still have no true passion for anything but gossip, are bored with your job, and you feel that it is really “sucks to be you”.
But what if we will turn our hearts and heads towards compassion and see that there are struggles even greater than yours?

Here we are glad to introduce the NY based organization called “The Songs of Love Foundation” which is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that creates free, personalized, original songs to support and uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical challenges including cancer patients and post-surgery survivors. “The Songs of Love Foundation” is the only organization of its kind: “Since 1996 the Foundation has reached out to over 22,500 children in over 500 hospitals and health care facilities in all 50 states. The songs have often been played to alleviate pain and trauma during painful and scary hospital treatments. The song recipients have played their “songs of love” in all kinds of situations and settings such as car trips to the hospital, show and tell at school, for family and friends in person or on the phone, and even for the doctors and nurses.”

The organization incudes about 350 songwriters, as well as dozens of lyricists, instrumentalists and vocalists who have “experienced the excitement of being able to give back with the talents they were given”. It is really beautiful that hundreds of schools, companies and charitable groups have lent their voices to children’s songs as well, and that this Symphony of true love and compassion includes many thousands of people!

Follow us on more news about “The Songs of Love Foundation” and on its current projects.

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TO ENTER: Tell us why you want to support the mission of “The Songs of Love Foundation” or why you think it is important to stay compassionate even during the most turbulent periods of your own life. We will accept your entries until noon on Wednesday, January 25th.
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6 Responses to “Compassion vs. Daily Dilemmas”

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    • I like the title of your article : Be Passionate in Life and Compassionate in Heart.This is so true, beautifully said.. I think that growing the seeds of compassion within ourselves is just as important as helping others to grow their seeds, or being grateful to those who show us “The Way”.

  2. Rose Says:

    Thank you for your article. Compassion is truly something that helps not only the person receiving it, but also the person who is trying to be compassionate- when someone is trying to help others despite having many problems of their own, it slowly helps someone get in the habit of looking not only at themselves but at the larger picture. This awareness about the lives and problems of others helps a person to never feel truly alone.

    • I am glad to hear from you Rose. As far as I understood your point, compassion heals and, at the same time leads to the unity rather than the segregation of people ( regardless of their nationalities, gender, race, religion & more).

  3. LIsa Stewart Says:

    I want to support Songs of Love because it has a unique mission- instead of focusing on the physical condition of children (which is important but not everything), this company strives to help children by reminding them that they are loved and treasured.

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