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Sound and Music in our life December 12, 2011

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By E. Shlychkov.

For centuries, sound and music have been used as tools to create harmony and balance within the body. This might include the sound of a human voice and the power of words that we use during our conversations, meditation or the words that we choose to listen to. Sound and music  are a valuable source of energy and  a tool for anyone’s personal development.
How does Music  “work”? The answer requires the understanding and acceptance of different styles of music. For instance: any chants use the rhythms of our breathing to create a sense of calmness and relaxed spaciousness during meditation. In Buddhism, chants in some ways are analogous to Hindu, Christian or Jewish religious recitations. Classical music (Mozart, Beethoven) has clarity and elegance, and it helps  improve concentration. Jazz, soul, reggae, and any music that is derived from the African tradition releases joy, while rhythms of  (non –violent) heavy metal, techno, hip hop, and rock & roll can excite the nervous system and release stress.

Recent research and modern science has confirmed that non-violent music and positive words have healing properties. The effect of using music in public /private schools has shown a tremendous increase of IQ and artistic self-expression in students. The use of music during surgery, pregnancy, delivery and infancy forms as one of the largest growing fields in music therapy. The Harvard Medical School has done professional research and published large amount of articles about music and health and about how music affects the heartbeat, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

“Sound has an effect on cellular physiology. Every sound that you hear, you ultimately metabolize, and it is structured into molecular expressions, even at the deepest cellular level.”- Deepak Chopra.


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